Easycut FE 600 EVOLUTION - Simple, precise and sturdy bridge saw

Simple, precise and sturdy bridge saw, ideal for the most frequent processing.

Do you want to know everything about the new bridge saw EASYCUT FE 600 EVOLUTION?

Equipped with ø 625mm circular blade, manually inclinable in any position from 0° to 90°, with possibility of step-cutting, even inclined.
- Mobile button panel with 7" colour touch-screen, that can be transferred inside the working area for the alignment of the beam with the cut-tracing laser; it also allows to store up to 100 different sequences of longitudinal cuts, programmable at will; the button panel is prearranged to operate using both millimetres and inches.
- Joysticks to move the machine axes when performing manual cuts.- Simultaneous movement of the X-Y axes, which are controlled by inverter and encoder.
- Work bench provided with manual rotation, mechanical locking with pin at 0, 45°, 90° and -45°, and manually actuated mechanical locking in any position from 0 to 360°. The table top is wood-panelled.
The planarity tolerance of the steel worktop (in the different positions) is ± 1 mm with respect to the nominal height.
- Laser unit with continuous beam to drive the cut.

Many accessories available:

- tilting work-table;
- motorized rotation of the worktable;
- optoelectronic drawing copying device which directly reads the profile shape;
- profile/polygon importer enabling to manage DXF files and transferred them to the machine through a SD card. 

Basic software of EASYCUT FE 600 EVOLUTION bridge saw enables the following operations:

- Manual cutting of rectangular or polygonal pieces
The machine operating in manual mode is very simple, rapid, intuitive and easy to ap-proach even for non-experienced operators which have no knowledge in electronics. The operator runs the machine using the simple portable button panel and the cut-tracing laser, while reading the cutting depth displayed on the touch-screen.

- Cutting of repetitive rectangular pieces (such as floor tiles)
In this mode, the machine performs automatically a series of longitudinal cuts (each cut can be set at the desired distance), the table is manually rotated by 90°, then the machine proceeds with the transversal cuts (each cut can be set at the desired distance).

- Management of profiles
In this mode, it is possible to draw the desired profile directly on the machine by entering both the rough-machining and finishing parameters. In the machining stage, the position of the saw blade will be the origin the profile.

- Management of polygons
In this mode, it is possible to draw the piece to be realized directly on the machine. In the machining stage, the position of the saw blade will be the origin the profile. This operation can be performed only if the machine is provided with the accessory "motorized rotation of the work bench".
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